Summer concerts by the Emajõgi River in 2020

Taking place over five Wednesdays from 5 August–2 September, the summer concert series in the city of Tartu aims to bring more live music to the summer cityscape, particularly to new and diverse concert locations by the Emajõgi River.

Sound and space will act differently at the new venues, as every concert will be unique. The experience will depend on the location, the performers, the weather (for better or worse) and, because of the unique locations, also on the degree of excitement the audience might experience.

The concert series aims to speak to the river and the city itself as well as offer new spatial and river experiences and an opportunity to be part of a different sort of musical experience.

In summer 2020 we will be meeting starting from 5 August and for five concerts.
We will be coming together on Wednesdays on the terrace of the University of Tartu Delta Centre, the Emajõgi River beach, under the Sõpruse bridge on the left bank of the river, on the memorial square to Jannsen and Koidula and on the bridge of the Emajõgi rowing centre and the nearby beach.

The best cities in the world are those through which a river flows! See you in Tartu by the Emajõgi River!